by Paul Casey

Snow in Spring

Ok, not really. But I was re-reading my journal and found a great lesson that I realized from snow that applies to our lives this spring!

Emotional baggage that is not dealt with and consistent bad choices accumulate like snow and cover the functional areas of our life.  It’s a gradual build-up–almost unnoticeable.  On the outside, for a time, those choices and unaddressed areas look good, even beautiful–and it’s fun to play in for a while. But those choices can cause destructive hazards when built up and frozen over. You wake up one day and realize you can’t move forward on its slickness/slippery slope.

The sun shining on that snow directly, heating it up, is the only way to melt those layers.  I liken that to seeking help through a counselor or life-coach or mentor, and letting them see into your heart in order to root out what is causing harm. Sure, melted snow and life-changes turn to slush for a while, and it’s messy, but that’s just part of the process of growing forward.


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