by Paul Casey

Smooth Air

airplaneI don’t like flying. My motion sickness gets me all stomach-nauseous. So, as soon as the pilot turns on the fasten-seatbelt sign and warns of turbulence (he says, “a little bumpy”), I start getting a bit anxious.

But I trust the pilots. And I believe them when they say they are climbing in altitude to get above the weather to smoother air. Then I can relax.

If you are a leader (and you probably are in some area of your life), you are a pilot for others. And they are counting on you to get them to smoother air in their lives. Just like airplane pilots, utilize your:

  • radar/instrument panel: Be aware of what’s going on, on your team. Be constantly assessing the climate/attitudes. Be looking ahead for potential hazards that’ll get people uptight/queasy.
  • partners on the ground: Surround yourself with people who give you authentic feedback. Every successful leader needs a coach/mentor, needs a core team, and needs confidants to bounce ideas off.
  • experience: You have been through situations like this before, most likely. Have confidence that God will give you the right solutions as He has done in the past. Remember what you have learned about great leadership, and work the plan.

Take your followers to smoother air as you navigate the turbulence of life at work and at home, and you’ll get a relieved thank-you as they file past your cockpit.


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