by Paul Casey

Smart vs. Wise

Smart men                                    Wise men

Think abstractly                            Think autobiographically

Remove self from the problem        Bring all experiences to bear

Think quickly, consciously                Slowly simmer, allowing unconscious to play

Live in the moment and believe        Recollect the past and respect the limits of human
any problem, defined, can be solved     condition

Usually young                                Usually old

To age gracefully, we must aspire to become wise and beautiful elders.” –Sam Keene

I love the bumper sticker at Christmas that says “Wise men still seek Him.” I’ve never thought of myself as “smart”, just resourceful. But I would like to someday be known for wisdom–something Proverbs strongly encourages us to seek after.  What I gain from the above table is that wise men slow down and take it all in–they aren’t impulsive and quick to react. They are resourceful in that they think back on lessons learned and use those lessons in current situations.  They are realistic. Something I want to be.


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