by Paul Casey

Shaped or Shaping?

shaping-pottery.jpgIn ordinary times, most men/women do not have radical questions about their identity. They have been imprinted, indoctrinated, and governed by stereotypes, role models, heroic images, and commonly accepted ideology….Most people remain relatively unconscious, unaware of the forces that shape their lives.” –Sam Keen

I would agree that I, too, was being carried by the wave of life, relatively unconscious and unaware of who I was becoming.  This perspective is that of “Life just is….not to be questioned….Stay on the track you are on…. Think one way…. Be a robot….box-like…being shaped rather than being a shaper.”  Determine the patterns that have shaped your life, accept them, decide whether to leave them behind or change them, and begin new life-shaping patterns that fit your core values today. Then you’ll leave a purposeful legacy.


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