by Paul Casey

Set Some “The Rest of Your Life” Goals

On my 37th birthday, I came up with a list of things I want to be characterized by, for the 2nd half of my life; in part, what I want to be known for at my memorial service someday. I turn 50 next week and want to refresh my list on a personal retreat.

They are less tangible items–more attitudes and mindsets that, when committed to, become habits/actions that eventually turn into a new normal and a reputation I’d be delighted to have said about me. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make your own list and pursue it daily.

  • Inner peace and calm–less striving and doing/more “being”–contentment/simplicity/margin
  • Gratefulness and celebration (for life, for beauty, for people)—-recorded in my journal 365 days a year
  • More regular introspection during carved-out time for regular solitude that leads to deep growth
  • More give/less take in relationships–more others-centeredness/less self-centeredness
  • Trying new things (a pilgrim)–an adventure mindset–evidenced through more spontaneity and more savoring life’s pleasures
  • Taking better care of my body (exercise/massage/check-ups/trainer)
  • Developing new relationships–mentors, advisers, colleagues, friends, mentees
  • Living life consciously and intentionally–not just living out someone else’s script
  • In constant communication with Jesus Christ and increasing my faith in Him as my Power Source
  • Less passivity–more acting out of conviction and authenticity

What’s on your list? Comment on this post, or send me an email as the start of accountability to making it happen.


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