Off-site Team Values Retreat

Most teams do not have a set of values that govern HOW they do business together. This leads to increased conflict and off-mission behaviors. Getting your team off-site for a half-day could be just what your team needs to re-align in unity. The basic flow of the morning/afternoon looks like:

  1. Introductions and Icebreaker
  2. Vision: why we are here; today’s hopeful outcomes
  3. A discussion about Corporate Culture and interactive answering of 3 questions that, if answered, get at the essence of your culture
  4. Debriefing the feedback by comparing them to your organization’s mission/vision.
  5. Developing team values (DNA/True North).
    1. What commitments will this team make to each other? Values exercise
    2. Find patterns and decide on top 5-7 values.
    3. Brainstorm as-specific-as-possible behavior statements.
    4. Share with the group and decide on the next steps for pulling these together for final evaluation and buy-in.
    5. Marking the moment
    6. Ways to drive values deep into the culture

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