Lunch and Learn On-Site Training (Tri-Cities, WA)

Lunch and Learn On-Site Team Training

With Paul D. Casey of Growing Forward Services

Benefits to your company:

  1. No one has to leave the building. I come to you. Less work time lost on the job.
  2. It’s live training. And all the interaction that comes with that.
  3. It’s customized training to what your team currently needs to learn. You select the topic.
  4. It’s more affordable than sending people away for training. One investment.
  5. Everyone hears the same information, not just a couple. So you can unify around the topic.
  6. It’s ongoing training, not one-and-done. I walk alongside your team to integrate what’s learned.

Details, details:

  1. We determine the length of the Lunch and Learn series (discounts at 6, 12, 18, and/or 24 sessions).
  2. We schedule the 55-minute lunch hour (or early morning/late afternoon). You determine if your team will be doing brown-bag, potluck, company-provided lunch or *…
  3. We determine the topic or series to grow into. Choose from a variety of topics.
  4. I prepare the training and arrive ready to present, complete with powerpoint and handouts.
  5. We interact on how the topic applies to your team/workplace.
  6. We determine what will occur between meetings: coaching for the team leader and/or other team members and/or departments as a small group; assignments to work on (potentially a leadership book study).
  7. You write one check for each session or get an additional discount for paying up front for a series of Lunch and Learns. **
  8. You implement what you have learned into your company culture and get great results!

*To make it even more convenient, an affiliate of Growing Forward can provide lunch for an extra fee.

**The Tri-City area fee structure is based on the number of team members attending the training and the number of sessions.

Save an additional 10% for paying for the training up front.

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