by Paul Casey

Scooping It Away

scooping.jpgNumbers 33:55 “But if you don’t drive out the native population, everyone you let stay there will become a cinder in your eye and a splinter in your foot. They’ll give you trouble right in your own backyards.”

While in the times of the Bible, this was a literal directive from God to His people when He was instructing them what to do as they enter the Promised Land, for us today, it’s a symbolic principle: God wants us to drive out junk/fleshly pursuits from our lives, or else they will cloud our vision (which is His vision for our futures) and cause us pain in our spiritual journeys toward fruitfulness on this planet. And it will continue to hit close to home if we continue in unhealthy patterns. The best way to be aware of “slow death” in our lives is to ask Him to point it out to us, using His gentlest methods; then listening and responding when they are revealed.

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