by Paul Casey

Ride Out the Turbulence to Succeed

turbulence_2512784bThe only reason I dislike flying is because of one word: turbulence. I don’t think I’m going to crash or anything like that; I just have motion sickness and the turbulence gets me all worked up.

Change and obstacles in your life or business are turbulence. They are the bumps that occur between takeoff and cruising altitude. You begin something with lots of idealism and enthusiasm and optimism. Then you hit some snags. Whatever you are working on takes longer than expected. Or it costs more money. Or you reach an impasse and wonder if there’s a way through it.  Turbulence. And you begin to get a bit anxious. You might even think about jumping out with a parachute from this endeavor!

But if you persevere–if you ride out the turbulence with some deep breaths–and stay on the plane, eventually you get to cruising altitude. It’s that place above the clouds with smoother air. You are in your sweet spot. Life is good again, as you get in the flow of achievement or harmony or success.

You can’t sit back and cruise for too long, though, because life has landings, too. And the bumpiness happens again when you try to finish something strong. Resistance once again comes against you.  This is another stage when many bail out and give up on a dream that is soooo close to coming to fruition. Hanging in there a bit longer gets you on the tarmac with a smile of relief at your destination!

Where are you right now? Launching at takeoff? Hitting some rough air near the beginning of your journey? At cruising altitude of 30,000 ft with good perspective? Or experiencing some late-in-the-game turbulence, making it tough to hold on until the end? Trust your Pilot, and mentally stay strong.

Wanna talk about your turbulence to make some sense of it, and develop some high-flying strategies? Contact me for a free strategy session today.  Coaching works!


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