by Paul Casey

Remember Scrimmage Games?

scrimmageScrimmages were the best part of practices for sports when growing up. You didn’t have to do drills, but you got to play a simulated game against your teammates–which was way more fun!  But when the coach would say today would be a “controlled scrimmage,” it wasn’t quite as fun, yet way more beneficial to our development in the sport.

Controlled scrimmages were when the coach would blow the whistle and stop the scrimmage at any time he wanted to evaluate what just happened so that we could do it differently next time–and better–leading to winning results.

Think of your life as a controlled scrimmage. If you take the time to stop (blow the whistle on your life) and evaluate how the day went, at its end, you can determine what to repeat for successful outcomes, and what must change tomorrow for a better chance at results.

You can evaluate after every event, every project, every season of your life, at work and at home. Anything worth doing is worth evaluating, says Andy Stanley. Without a perspective of evaluation, you will keep running drills without much thought as to whether they are getting you to your goals, or you’ll just keep making the same errors in the games (one sign of insanity?).

And a coach (life/strategies coach) can be that objective outside source that can process your life and self-leadership with you so that you are more successful. Time to shoot me an email and sign up for a free strategy session?


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