by Paul Casey

Prevent a Life “Rollover Accident”

When I was driving to Portland a year ago in the winter, I was checking the road conditions, and it seemed like it was pretty clear overall with patches of ice in places. It was a sunny day, and I clipped along without worries for many miles.

Then, around a turn, I saw blinking lights of emergency vehicles up ahead and noticed a couple vehicles rolled over in the ditch in this one segment of freeway. The area was shaded from the sun by the hills that loomed above it, and the ice in that stretch never melted. The vehicles never saw the ice, never adjusted their speed, and unfortunately, paid the price.

Each of us has a place where we are most often tempted to go dark, a place in our heart where we allow ice to crust over, and not yield to Christ to take full control. When we go dark and not let the Son shine into that area where Satan has a foothold, we wipe out in our relationships or at work or on our personal goals.

It’s time to slow down and acknowledge we are weak in that spot, ask God for victory/forgiveness, forgive ourselves for the damage we’ve caused, and put on our spiritual armor each day to thaw the ice before it freezes over our hearts–even partially.


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