by Paul Casey

Pilgrim or Homesteader?

pilgrims-at-sunset.jpgIn troubled times, the number of people thrown into psychological turmoil and radical questioning increases.”  –Sam Keen

Since most of us (unless we’re wired that way) are not extraordinary in radically questioning the consensus reality: the way things (our ourselves) are, it often takes a bomb in our lives to rock us into this state.  Since this happened recently to me, I was struck by the concepts of being more of a pilgrim with the rest of my life, than a homesteader:

Pilgrims: quest, question, are twice born, journey heroically, are vulnerable/strong

Homesteaders: are culture-bound, unconscious, weak, given to blind adherence/obedience, and are citizens

Which description fits you more right now, and are you comfortable with it?


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