by Paul Casey

Persevere and Learn

We all have challenges that push us to the brink of throwing in the towel, of despairing, of “taking our ball and going home.” If we take the opposite approach, and choose to hang in there and push through the discomfort, staying aware of what we can learn from the “valley”, we can come out the other side with some scrapes/bruises, but also stronger/healthier/wiser.

Some areas I made that choice to persevere last year–and what I learned:

  • Two family members’ battles with anxiety: Seek help when no answers are evident; Deal with fears before they overtake and crush
  • Paying off my vehicle: Plodding wins the race!
  • Mold that caused an urgent bathroom remodel: Go with a contractor you can trust
  • Losing my wallet: Trust God to protect from unrecoverable loss

What did you push through this year, when you could have curled up and played dead? Did you maximize what you learned instead of wasting the pain?


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