by Paul Casey

Paul D. Casey’s Definition of Leadership

Here is my definition of leadership: Inspiring intentionally-developed teams to achieve transformative visions. Each word is carefully chosen:

  • Inspiring—Leaders change “we must get them to..” move to “we must inspire them to..”move.
  • Intentionally-developed—Leaders must be strategic in every action they take, as they are the focusers of human energy: everything from hiring the best, diverse employees to putting the people in the right seat on the bus where their strengths lie to leading a professional development culture that produces continuous improvement at all levels.
  • Teams—Teams are “pockets of action” within an organization. When working together on a common goal, the synergy produced eclipses what individuals alone could do. True teams, not just groups, have clarity on the vision, experience the high morale of solid relationships, work within effective processes, and self-correct when off-mission.
  • Achieve—Leaders are action-oriented at their core; yet it’s what they get done through other people that signals their effectiveness. Meetings lead to action. Strategic plans display progress. Employee development plans stretch teammates forward.
  • Transformative—It’s not about holding to the status quo/maintenance of success, not is it even about incremental change realized over the long haul–it’s about a big vision that impacts exponential lives in a positive way, no matter what the vocation. It’s about making life better for others in the niche you’ve carved out.
  • Visions—Without vision, the people perish, run amok, get distracted, lose motivation to perform at a high level. But to conjure up a compelling snapshot of the future that pulls people toward it–now that’s motivating for giving even an employee’s discretionary efforts. Craft it, cast it, and carry it daily until it’s integrated into the corporate culture (“the way it’s done around here”).

How are you doing at fulfilling my definition of leadership? Got one of your own that adds to or leaves out something in mine? Shout out what you’ve come up with to my email at or on my Facebook page Growing Forward Services.



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