by Paul Casey

On the Rocks

rocks.jpgDeuteronomy 5:29 “What I wouldn’t give if they would always feel this way, continuing to revere Me and always keep all My commands; they’d have a good life forever, they and their children!”

Deut. 5:32 “Don’t veer off to the right or left”

I was digging hole for some shrub-planting alongside my new bride this morning, and our property is full of rocks. I dread digging because of this. Whenever I try to dig where I want to dig, hitting a rock makes my shovel veer off-line and gives me a jolt in the arms.  Isn’t that just like life? I want to make good choices and obey all God’s commands to get the “good life” promised by God, but I often let obstacles/temptations/busyness veer me off track. I still hit dirt, but not the sweet spot of a life in the center of God’s will. Like in my rocky soil, I have to then get down on my knees and root out the rock before continuing to go deeper. Great imagery! What’s your rock that prevents you from going deeper today?


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