by Paul Casey

Not Smart Enough By Yourself

kid-smart-lightbulb-brain-600x338The title of this blogpost isn’t a put-down; it’s a fact and hopefully a stimulant to becoming a more collaborative person. What collaborative people know is that one of us isn’t as smart as all of us.

  • They seek out the advice of trusted sources of wisdom and insight when making decisions.
  • They bounce their ideas and opinions off sounding boards who listen between the lines for what outcome they are shooting for.
  • They increase their networks of people to include those excelling in their field and those in other fields who can share best practices.
  • They have a few really great friends who love them no matter what, and who point them to the truth, even if it’s hard.
  • When they get stuck, they don’t pull in to themselves; they reach out for help.

See the benefits? A steady flow of input that bears on one’s life make a person smarter than trying to re-invent a wheel on one’s own.  And then position yourself to be that person for those around you, too.


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