by Paul Casey

8 Continuous Improvement Practices to Keep You Growing Forward!

  1. Pursue new challenges. When you see a problem that needs a solution, form a committee of one (or a whole task
    force!) to find a solution. Take calculated risks with new opportunities, even if the outcome is uncertain. Pilot new practices that have the potential for greater payoff.
  2. Evaluate daily. At the end of every day, every project, every event, every meeting, every “season”, calendar time to look back at it for what to continue doing well (which helps you celebrate and be grateful), what to stop doing mediocre-ly (to stay out of cul-de-sacs), and what to start doing (that could have powerful impact).
  3. Increase your urgency. Pick up your pace in order to go further faster. Successful people who beat procrastination have an inner fire that pushes them to meet and beat internally-set deadlines–so that they can keep growing forward on next steps and other initiatives that are waiting for their attention.
  4. Strive for excellence every time. You will never plateau if you refuse to “settle for” the way it’s always been done. Every product or service or task can be taken to the next level with just an extra dash of quality–going that extra mile in one small way.
  5. Brainstorm regularly. Yes, put “thinking time” on your calendar, or life will pass you by–and innovations that lead to breakthroughs will never find their legs to stand upon. (This list you are reading is a product of my brainstorming!) Gather other creative people to fly ideas to multiply the options.
  6. Adopt a growth vs. “maintenance” mindset. Maintenance thinking will only prioritize keeping things rolling as they have, putting anything out of place back into place to continue homeostasis. Growth thinkers, however, push beyond the “normal” way of doing things in their quest for disruptive or explosive ideas/habits that can change one’s own life and that of others.
  7. Implement your strategic planning. It’s all “just talk” until some action happens. Execution of great ideas is where the rubber hits the road, and that looks like clarity in specific tasks, with timelines/deadlines built into your weekly schedule (not just simply on a to-do list), and accountability to someone (coach, team, success partner) for its completion.
  8. Hang out with “movers.” Find other plateau-breakers and take them to lunch. Just listening to their progress will inspire you to keep growing forward on the track you’ve laid out. Have questions ready to “pick their brains” for HOW they are demonstrating success, in order to possibly transfer their habits into your life/routine.

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