by Paul Casey

New Trails for New Life

We must head into country that has no clear trail.” –John Eldredge

Have you noticed that when you try something new, it invigorates you? Or, at the least, gets your adrenaline going? It could be riding a new roller coaster, serving on a new team, tackling a new home improvement project, or reading a new book.

On the flipside, have you also noticed that doing the same-old-same-old seems to suck the life out of you? You get in a rut that makes everything a shade of gray.

It’s time to advance! Life’s too short to stay HERE, when there is an exciting THERE to explore and experience!  What’s the new challenge that you’ve been postpone for a “better time” that never comes? What are you fearful to tackle because you aren’t assured of the outcome? Take the first step today!

Someone who continually takes new ground is someone who lives life to its fullest. It stretches your brain, it opens your horizons, and it gives you the opportunity to take someone else to those beautiful vistas that you are now experiencing.


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