by Paul Casey

Never Truly a Good Time to Start

kid on scooterSo, there never truly is a good time to start on a new goal.

OK, I don’t like to start blogs with pessimism, but stay with me. Have you ever noticed when you try to start something new that would benefit yourself (like a diet, an exercise program, a professional reading goal) or benefit others on your team or in the community (like a new initiative, continuous learning program, strategic plan), you and others can come up with an easy excuse why THIS isn’t a good time?

It’s either too early in the new year, or too close to a holiday, or summer is for recovering, or the school year is starting, or there is an event to plan for/execute, or we are under-staffed…OR…OR…OR. Maybe, just maybe, there is the only perfect 7-day period of time in the spring or fall that is ideal for starting something, but the other 358 days are out.

Ok, enough of my rant. I personally believe TODAY is the perfect time to launch whatever you have been delaying. You’ve pondered it long enough; you know the benefits of “going for it”; and if you stay disciplined, you have the capability to pull it off. Just hit the “go-button!” It doesn’t have to be accompanied by fanfare; in fact, you can ease into it. But the benefits of momentum cannot kick in without one day of progress after another in the same direction. As John Lee Dumas says: “FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Success.”

What are you waiting for? “Excuses are the exit ramps of life,” I heard recently. You are done with those! “You can make an excuse or make progress“–heard that one, too this past week. People of action make a difference in this world. That’s you!

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