by Paul Casey

Life After 40

A few years ago (yes, I must admit I’m now “into” my forties!) I began a list of how I wanted my life to be different after I turned 40–with choices within my control. I always want to be living intentionally, and not by default. Whether you are 40 or not, it’s a great exercise for the next age-milestone: How do you want to live differently so that you leave a better legacy behind in your wake. Some of mine were:

  • Be more selective in “YES” commitments as weighed against my margin
  • Pursue bigger, more meaningful, impacting goals/vision
  • Pursue friendships that are mutually-satisfying with safe people who bring out my best
  • Keep learning from everything/everyone
  • Seek to innovate/re-create my life to not get stale or in ruts. Try new things.
  • Get more serious about nutrition/exercise/wellness
  • Spend more time in solitude/contemplation to restore my soul
  • Make people’s day
  • Use experience/influence/opportunities to develop people/leaders/kids
  • Fill my life with more beauty. Travel to it. Hike in it. Surround self with it.


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