by Paul Casey

Lessons Today from a Hike in the Past

This morning I was reminded of a hike I did about 4 years ago, since I was feeling mired down, wondering if I was making a difference in the world.  I was encouraged by the principles that I learned that day. When I began the hike, I couldn’t find the unmarked trailhead. It was farther down than I had thought, and I remembered thinking, The path is always farther down than I want it to be. I want things now, don’t want to take the effort to search for it. That’s impatience and it doesn’t serve me well in life.

Then as it was difficult to find the actual path, which was rocky, I found evidence of the trail and was grateful for the hope that came with knowing someone had been there before me. I learned again that it’s critical to find people who have struggled before me–to glean wisdom from them for my journey.

A half-hour later, as I again almost lost hope, I viewed the ridge up ahead that I was heading for, and it encouraged me, reminding me that if a person knows his/her direction and has that vision in mind, he/she can stop worrying about the details of the actual path, and take energy of the forward progress, the short-term wins, in the right direction.

Patience in becoming who God wants me to become, seeking out mentors, and re-connecting with vision of a bright future—all will help you Grow Forward!


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