by Paul Casey

It’s 2012! Set Some Goals!

Management of life requires goals.” “Contribution begins with great goals.” I like these quotes because they show intentionality in taking life by the tail, instead of drifting in the wind of busyness. God wants us all to make a difference in His world this year, and He needs us to stop, seek His will, and listen for direction. Then, once we’ve got a direction that sticks to us, we need to orient our lives to make it happen.

Consider writing goals in 7 categories of your life for 2012:

  • Physical life (exercise, sleep, nutrition, stress management)
  • Primary relationships (as a spouse, employee, parent)
  • Vocation (things that move your career forward)
  • Use of money (getting out of debt, putting money away)
  • Intellectual life (professional development, reading, thinking)
  • Recreational life (playtime, hobbies, friendships)
  • Spiritual disciplines (Bible-reading/meditation, memorizing, prayer)

“The life brought under management will have to get used to selecting/de-selecting, saying yes to the best and no to things good.”


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