by Paul Casey

I’m Right Here!

“Part of God’s program to make a way for you is to put good people around you who are gifted to help you get where you need to go. Some of these people will just show up in your life, sent by God at just the right time…” (Cloud/Townsend)

I love the illustration of the guy who prayed for God to rescue him during a flood, as he sat on the roof of his house while the water level rose. The man ignored a couple rescue boats and a helicopter, and drowned. In heaven, he asked God why He could let him down like that. God replied, I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter! 

Sometimes we don’t see the helpers God puts in our path, intended to be exactly who we need to get us the advice or resources or listening ear/empathy to move us toward healing and our next growth step.  Be alert this day to these “angels in the nick of time”, and be deeply grateful to God for His provision.

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