by Paul Casey

I’m married! Who do I love most?

just_married.jpgAny single relationship that is expected to fulfill every need will become claustrophobic, cloying, and swampy.” –Sam Keene

The answer to the question above is “God.” I know, that’s always the “spiritual”, unromantic answer, but I’m serious!  As I head into week 2 of being married to Laura Dyan, I am reminded by this quote that she is not my all-in-all. She enhances my life, she brings me incredible joy, she stands beside me in ministry and life in general, she is my #1 human priority! However, she does not have the capability to meet my every need like all-powerful, all-caring God can. Laura is a gift from Him to me–personally–and I am forever grateful.  His unconditional love for me is my most beloved gift. And I guess that makes a pretty cool triangle of love to rest in and give back to!

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