by Paul Casey

If You Only Had One Year Left to Live

deep-in-thoughtIn my longer monthly reflection day last month, I pondered the question, What would I do if I only had one year left to live?  I’d encourage you to ponder this question from that perspective. Once you write down your answers, think to yourself, “And why am I not living that way now? How can I begin to live that way this week with a baby step in that direction?” Then get your calendar out and schedule it in!

Some of the items on my list were:

  • Only take in media for the purpose of output to others.
  • Savor food, beauty, and time with God.
  • Inspire people through as many speaking engagements as possible. Bring people to get excited about the priorities that last.
  • Pour my life into a small group of hungry leaders/coachees who are ready to leave a legacy.
  • Spend time weekly volunteering a good chunk of time for causes that do the most good for people less fortunate. And add the most value by volunteering in ways I am strongest.
  • Spend every moment with my kids outside of their activities without smothering them. Plan adventures with them, and prep them for their future.
  • Spend the moments without kids with my wife, lighting up her dreams, and traveling together to see all 50 states.

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