by Paul Casey

Hydroplaning Through Life?

It’s a scary feeling when driving in a rainstorm and the car’s tires actually leave the pavement briefly due to the puddles of water coming between them: the tire encounters more water than it can scatter. The car lurches for a moment and you very temporarily lose control.

Ever have that hydroplaning sensation in your LIFE?

You are going so fast in your relentless schedule. Then circumstances come at you to deal with, but instead of slowing down, you run right over them until something rocks you into awareness that there’s a problem, or that you are losing control.

  1. The first thing to address is your pace. Is the speed of your life too fast? The answer is probably YES if you start dropping balls, forgetting commitments, forsaking relationships, and missing deadlines.

–When (like I try to do in the kitchen) you can’t “clean as you go,” or maintain email, paperwork, and chores.

–When those closest to you start squawking about how unavailable you are

–When you’ve forsaken self-care, those basic wellness essentials for tip-top performance (You become a casualty!)

–When your therapeutic hobby never makes it into your calendar

2. The 2nd thing to address is a mechanism to stop and assess. To avoid hydroplaning in your life, there has to be time created to pause to see if anyone or anything needs more of your attention as to not skid you into the ditch. This may look like:

–Daily solitude time, be it prayer/meditation/journaling for 10-20 minutes

–Daily review/preview before leaving work/ending your day, to get a handle on your key priorities for tomorrow

–A recurring appointment with a success partner/mentor/coach, who can help ask you questions regarding the commitments you’ve stated are important

–A monthly (or at least, quarterly) personal retreat to go somewhere besides work or home to do a few hours of a self-check on the quality of the areas of your life that must be nurtured in order to grow/stay healthy.

Be safe out there.

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