by Paul Casey

Humor Me

laughing-person-485“Humor is a very effective way of expelling anger feelings.”  This is just one of the benefits to get more of a daily dose of humor in your life, and to use it as a communication strategy with everyone around you. Humor builds bridges between people, and laughter is a huge stress reliever–It’s great for your health! And who doesn’t want to listen to a humorous speaker at a conference, as opposed to a serious-toned one?!

Put more humor in your life!

  • Post/share them on your social media for others to laugh with you.
  • Find the funny side of awkward situations.
  • Watch more clean comedians.
  • Add humor to the meetings you run, before the agenda starts.
  • Amp up the (appropriate) positive banter in the office or at home.
  • Find a YouTube funny video every day, just to laugh.
  • Learn a few jokes well enough to tell at parties/gatherings.
  • Add cartoons to your bulletin boards, refrigerator, and mirrors.

Come on, lighten up, will ya?


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