by Paul Casey

How Intentional Are You with Your Info Intake?

It’s been said that you become like the people you hang around and the media that you regularly intake. Because of that, it’s essential to examine your social media feeds and other inputs, so that you choose ones that are on the trajectory that you want to become—and lead others toward. Evaluate your:

  • Social media: subscribe to feeds and follow people who lean toward positivity and empowerment rather than those who rant and tear down. Unfollow those who leave you with a bad taste in your mouth after their stuff.
  • Personal development: No matter what season of life you are in, or what circumstance you are currently enduring, you probably haven’t been “here” before. This is a prime space for learning about how to thrive, and choosing non-fiction books, blogs, vlogs (video blogs), TED Talks. and podcasts will fill your brain with practical ideas for personal growth.
  • Inspiring people: Who can you Interview that you currently respect from a distance, who might pump you up just by being in their presence?  Which friends of yours leave you feeling great about yourself after spending time with them, and who are willing to challenge any of your unhealthy thinking patterns out of their love for you? Spend more time with them and put boundaries around “energy vampires” who drain you.
  • Fun: We all need more laughter in our lives; it’s like medicine on a bad day!  Watch clean comedians, indulge in a few humorous YouTube videos, bookmark silly web sites, and calendar time with your Tigger-like friends who have you in tears from their sense of humor.

To lead yourself well, fill your brain with information and edu-tainment that cue you up for being the best version of authentic you! And one of those great inputs could be my new podcast The Tri-Cities Influencer!  You can subscribe on itunes, but start with the Facebook page or at to link to it–for leadership and self-leadership interviews with successful local leaders.


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