by Paul Casey

How are you Driving your Life?

To live a driven life, you have to literally shove your heart down, or drive it with a whip.”  –John Eldredge

I have always been driven. Never seem to be able to relax. Must use every second intentionally.  The benefits: I get a lot done! I’m always moving the ball forward on a bunch of fronts. The downsides: I don’t replenish myself enough to stay at the sharpest edge. I don’t always get to process emotionally what is going on in my heart. I have such a high standard that it could make others uncomfortable, trying to keep up.

I think with each of our animal personality types (lion, otter, beaver, golden retriever), we can have a tame or untame expression of them.  An untame way of living as a driver leads to the quote above–stuffing feelings, not savoring life, a continual pushing of myself and others to potential exhaustion. A tame expression runs at a healthy pace, still connecting with other people and with one’s self throughout the day.

Live your best self this day at a speed that keeps you healthly and others receiving your undivided attention.



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