by Paul Casey

Hold Your Fire! Negative Communication Weapons

Each of us wields tremendous power with the words we speak. We can make someone’s day–or spoil it if we aren’t careful. Here are some word-weapons to keep locked away so that they don’t cause damage in your relationships:

  • The flame-thrower: uncontrolled venting, like a tantrum of emotionally-hostile words
  • The sniper rifle: pre-meditated digs or manipulations to get a reaction
  • The sword: slashing comments from a place of hurt, to hurt others just as badly
  • The mace: using power/intimidation to smash any resistance
  • The machine gun: a barrage of pent-up issues sprayed at the person without any intent to solve problems
  • The grenade: a dramatic action linked to explosive words, like slamming doors, walking out or threatening others–for effect
  • The nunchucks: cool, calculated finesse to wear someone down and dismantle them piece by piece
  • The spear: to pin someone to the wall with 100% blame and no discussion
  • The Colt-45: shooting from the hip reactions to everything he/she says, instead of thoughtful consideration
  • The taser: saying something shocking to paralyze them and force them to stop what they are doing

You have probably been on the receiving end of these communication weapons, and it surely makes a negative impact on your life. So refuse to wound others with your words, and you and those around you can better Grow Forward!  And if you want to schedule a free 45-minute coaching session to start becoming a better communicator at work and at home, let’s do it! Contact me at


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