by Paul Casey

Helicopters, Nugget-Givers, and Object Lessons

Where do I get my material for blogs?

Well, the first category I would call Helicopters. These are insights that swoop down on me out of the blue, that I wasn’t expecting or searching for–but that I cannot ignore as something to pass onto others and/or assimilate into my own life.

Then there are Nugget-Givers. I treat everyone I’m with as a potential source of wisdom. At any time, they may drop a great nugget of wisdom that really resonates with me, while in the middle of a conversation. I can’t wait to get back to pad of paper to write it down!

And third, there are the ever-present Object Lessons. This comes from just being a noticer of life, and seeing a correlation between something in nature or in our culture and a principle of effective living. When I’m in creative mode (and not on the verge of burnout), I begin to see these everywhere around me. If I’d just remember to write them down…

Stay a learner and you’ll have plenty to pass onto others. Add to the world just as much value as you receive from it!


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