by Paul Casey

Hazards to Avoid

Rhododendron petals on teh trailI usually get insights when I am hiking, and one I noticed a while back was that the trail has hazards on it and hazards off it–and so I must pay attention while I’m hiking in order to stay out of trouble–and so that I enjoy the hike fully.

On the trail I encountered things like dog doodoo, rocks of all sizes, uneven ground, and steep places. While I wanted to look around at the beautiful scenery, I felt like I had to keep “one eye on the trail” so I wouldn’t sprain an ankle or trip. Which is sort of like life: keeping your vision up for where your destination is, and your focus on the nitty-gritty goals on the path that gets you there.

Just off the trail were ravines, cacti, yucca, manzanita bushes, and wildlife. Most of these would leave me scraped up or injured if I wandered off the path, and definitely would take me away from the “prize” at the end of the hike. In life, going off-trail or off my purpose or off my values never leads me to my realized goals. I don’t bring my best self nor make decisions true to myself–and I don’t add value to others while in the ditch covered with goatheads.

Finally, there were signs that said “reclaiming the trail”, where they had replanted foliage or were trying to stop erosion, etc.  I really liked that sign. Because every day, you and I have the opportunity to reclaim the trail we walk on, or to reconnect to what matters most (our priorities). To plant new relationship seeds, or vision seeds to our team at work, or wellness seeds that lead to good self-care.

So, stay on your trail, look up and down while on it, and reclaim any portion of it that is starting to erode–and you’ll Grow Forward!


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