by Paul Casey

Having a Birthday This Year?

birthdayOf course you are. But the real question is, Will you be a year wiser and better, or simply a year older?

A lot of people stagnate in their personal growth even though they keep getting older. Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age, for, as John Maxwell says, “Sometimes age comes alone.” So, how do you assure that the year between now and your next birthday is maximized toward your greater maturity?

  1. Read to learn. Nothing against reading novels for fun, or magazines to pass the time, but choosing literature that will help you in this stage or season of your life will better assure you getting to the other side of it with more tools than you had when you started the year. Ask for recommendations from people you respect or those who are in a “place” that you want to get to.
  2. Reflect on what’s occurring in your life. Daily, weekly, monthly and annually you need to carve out time to get off the dance floor and into the balcony of your life to see what’s going on down there. In solitude, you begin to get insights that turn into goals and action plans. Think of each role you play in life and score it from 1-10 as to your satisfaction. What can you add to those low scores to further develop yourself?
  3. Develop more relationships. Yes, even you introverts! The greater your sphere of influence, the more other people will teach you and the more you can observe about them, that could give you nuggets for your own development. It’s not that you are comparing yourself to them; it’s that they might have resources that you don’t even know of. Ask great questions when you take them to coffee or on a hike. And your life will be richer for it.

These are only 3 ways to make this year your best one yet. What I know for sure is that you won’t be more than just a year older if you do not do some of these intentional things to develop greater wisdom–to pass onto those who look up to you.

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