by Paul Casey

Have You Made a Vision Board?

MyVisionBoardHey, I wouldn’t be a coach if I didn’t talk about a vision board, right? You might have heard of these visual tools for dreaming about your futureand then putting together action plans to steadily get there. Carve out some time to think about what you want to be, do, and have in your future. Then you can literally cut out or print out pictures that symbolize this future and paste them to a sheet of posterboard–for you to look at daily in your office/workspace. Or you can do it electronically.

I’ve included some of my vision board, to just get you thinking of some categories in which you might want to scope out goals. Since I can’t easily show the pictures for each one, I put a descriptor of the photo and what it symbolizes for me.

  • Books (never stop learning, and never stop writing)
  • Man speaking on stage (Expanding influence across the nation) (my sweet spot: inspirational educator)
  • USA vacations (adventure)
  • Leader mentoring a leader (being a leadership factory)
  • Me with adult kids/grandkids (family first)
  • Me and wife Laura (my best friend and companion)
  • Golfing and hiking (recreate to replenish)
  • Volunteering and donating (serve and give to others less fortunate)
  • Healthy body (in order to have plenty of energy for the rest of these goals)
  • Bible  (I’m a man of faith; so for me, Jesus Christ is always at my Center)

Time to start your list! Have fun!

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