by Paul Casey

Got Your Smile On?

smiling-womanI was just reading in a social media book by Shama Kabani that everyone likes pictures of women smiling, and if you want to make a pleasing advertisement, go with a woman smiling.

I reflected on that and told my wife right away what I read. She said it’s so true. Men especially always wonder about a non-smiling woman. Is she angry? Trying to be unapproachable? “Porcupiny?” But when a woman smiles, it’s like the sun breaks through the clouds, complete with rainbow and loud orchestra music. It draws people in.

Man or woman, old or young, when you smile, you brighten the day of the person who is in front of you. Often, it triggers a smile in him/her, too. Because smiles are contagious.  Smiles are attractive. They show approachability, friendliness, and warmth. And when you are trying to be persuasive, you win more bees with honey!

Some personality types find it harder naturally to smile, and need reminders from those around them to reflect their joy and happiness on their faces. Others are going through a rough season of life or a bad day and need a reminder that “this too shall pass”. These “reminders” can simply be a smile given to them, and a kind word of encouragement accompanying the smile.

So, today, give out smiles liberally–to the cashiers, to your neighbors, to your family members, to your boss, to your customers–and watch how they respond to your body language cue. A tiny way to pay it forward.

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