by Paul Casey

Got Vision?

I’ve had a personal mission statement for several years now. It’s the reason I believe God put me on the planet, and it’s a great screen for how I use my time. It goes like this: “To add value to people through encouraging/equipping words, servant-leader actions, and a contagious passion to honor God with my life.”

So that’s for today, but I hadn’t written a personal vision statement until last month. The purpose of this is a picture of the future that I’m always shooting for. So, here goes: “Through all my relationship connection opportunities, I seek to be a life-change catalyst with individuals in my increasing sphere of influence.”

There’s just something about those 2 statements that grounds me, and helps me to live intentionally–not just riding the waves of life somewhere I don’t want to go. Carve out the time to think about what your mission/vision statements are–and I’d love to see them or help you word them.


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