by Paul Casey

God’s Fatherly Behaviors

I was reflecting on my parenting of my 2 kiddos, and my thoughts turned to how God parents me–and all of His children–if we’d just recognize it and praise Him for it.  So, here is my attempt to do that:

  • God, You conceived me/brought me to life.
  • You come to my “performances” to cheer me on.
  • You are proud of me when I get awards/honors.
  • You eat with me.
  • You are with me, blessing me before bed, then giving me rest.
  • You empower me with Your presence/power/new energy as I head into my day.
  • You are my recreational companion, delighting in me.
  • You provide for my every need and then go over and above with special gifts–just because.
  • You discipline me out of love, to train me to become more like You.
  • You are constantly praising me.
  • You wake me up when I’m “sleeping” too long.
  • You patch me up (or get me to help) when I’m bleeding.
  • You take out my dirty laundry (sin) and return it clean.
  • You prod me to do my “chores” to build my character.
  • You fill in the gaps when I drop the balls.
  • You encourage me to stretch into new experiences.
  • You put me in front of mentors who can assist me in my journey.

“That’s why we praise Him, that’s why we sing, that’s why we offer Him our everything…..”


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