by Paul Casey

Getting Your Bearings

compass.jpgExplorers need to know how to be lost comfortably. The adventure of the spirit begins when we stop pretending/performing, and accept our confusion and security.” –Sam Keen
1. Don’t panic. (Having the ground under you as unsteady is unsettling. But change is necessary for growth. Like a gravel road leading to the mountain waterfall, settle in for a rocky ride that will get you to a beautiful destination.)
2. Stop doing what you were doing. (If the old way of living your life wasn’t leading to personal authenticity and relational “success”, forge a new path by first stopping old patterns that weren’t working.)
3.  Sit down; calm yourself.  (A person must get out of the rat race in order to do some reflection with God, going to the Prince of Peace for the peace that comes with being in His presence.)
4. Look for landmarks.  (The Bible gives the footings to anchor our daily living; the Holy Spirit’s job is to make it personal to our life situations. Mark the moment when this insight is given, as a reference point for starting a new journey.)
5.  Follow trails or streams that lead downhill or to open space. (God will be the trail Guide as we yield our compass to Him.  We cannot hesitate, but must pursue Him wholeheartedly.  We’re not really lost; we are going on faith that we don’t know the direction–but that He does.)


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