by Paul Casey

Getting High

balloonOk, not like on drugs!  But think with me for a moment: When are you at your best, at your highest high, in your sweet spot, on top of the world with satisfaction and joy?

For me, it’s when I’m getting paid to speak to a receptive audience who wants to learn and grow, and when I’m coaching someone to take their next action step to better themselves and get unstuck.  For you, think about who you are with, what are you doing, what is making you feel strong, and why you are feeling the rush.

The reason to undergo this exercise is to put yourself in more environments where this state of “flow” can happen more regularly. Because passion in one area of your life spills over into all the other areas of life, pumping up those around you and feeding your next action steps.

The other side of the coin to “highest high” is being able to identify your “lowest low” scenario. It’s when you hit bottom in personal morale, when the energy is drained from you, and all looks dark for a while. For me, it’s when I’m verbally attacked, especially unjustly.

Not that you want to dwell on those thoughts too much, but it’s good to figure out what eats your lunch so that you can build boundaries against those situations as best as you can, AND have a personal response plan for when it hits you, so that it doesn’t take you down drastically when people are counting on you to be at your best.

Time to get high?



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