by Paul Casey

Getting Any Better?

What are you getting more skillful at this year, than you were last year? I took some time to figure this out for myself earlier this year. Here’s my list and some color commentary:

  • Creating staff accountability systems. By re-doing job descriptions, having staff set goals off those priorities, appraising what matters most, re-creating our staff values, and correcting off-track behaviors through performance improvement plans, the staff is concentrating its energies on what moves the mission forward, and with the most courtesy to one another
  • Coaching for results: I continue to hone my craft of question-asking to get people to declare what they want, and then helping them action-plan to get there.
  • Replenishing myself: without a full day off each week, I start to wither up; and without doing something I’m passionate about every day, life looks dull.
  • Caring for my wife: when someone you love is in a lot of pain, you make the effort necessary to care-give and need-meet out of that love, to make life easier for the person pushing through pain every day.
  • Social media: OK, I’m not there yet, but I’m getting more comfortable posting in LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter–and learning how to manage it all in Hootsuite.

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