by Paul Casey

Fill ‘Er Up to Let Go

bucket“It is easier to let go if your own life-bucket is full, rather than empty.”

…Because if you are empty emotionally, you hang onto things. You start showing co-dependent tendencies and begin to suffocate people. You hoard stuff and take the last cookie. You display a scarcity mindset. It’s all due to a serious case of dissatisfaction, a drained life.

The solution for having boundaries and staying “on your side of the street” emotionally? Fill ‘er up! Make sure you are intentionally gassing up your tank with people, habits, and things that you know will make your day brighter. Go ahead; make a list of 20 things that make you smile and energize you. It can be sunshine, positive people, jogging, waterfalls, or soft fabrics! Then, put them into your schedule or surround yourself with them more frequently–so that you have no need to dysfunctionally clutch onto what you need to let go of.

You cannot control everything in life nor anyone else. But what you can control is with what you fill up your life-bucket. Got something calendared yet?


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