by Paul Casey

Eyes Forward

owl eyesWhen walking/hiking, are you the kind of person who looks down a lot, watching your step to avoid tripping, and missing the scenery around you? Or are you the type that looks around and notices everything, savoring the details of God’s creation or what’s new and noteworthy to compliment? Sadly, I tend to do a little more of the former than the latter.

Here’s the challenge: Don’t be so absorbed with what is right in front of you, that you miss out on the enjoyment of what you are headed toward. If we aren’t careful, we gravitate toward myopia (my problems, my issues, my schedule…). First of all, this makes us succumb to selfishness, and second, we cannot be truly aware of the needs around us that we can do something about.

So, look up. Eyes forward. Eagerly anticipate what is around the next bend in the road, or what you are supposed to learn from this current circumstance. Set some goals for the year ahead so that you practice expansive thinking. Be a “noticer.” Life will go from black and white to color pretty quickly.

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