by Paul Casey

Everyone Needs This “Booster Shot”

encouragement“We are behind you 100%!”  “Don’t back down!” “C’mon, you can do it!” “I have full confidence in your ability to do it.” “I am FOR you and your success.”

Statements like those above are boosters! Who doesn’t want a regular dose of these encouragements at work and at home and in the community?

Usually, by nature, we are hesitaters. We hold back from the contribution we need to be giving to the world out of fear. And that fear can often be stopped with a simple boost from a friend, boss, or family member who is on your “personal board of directors.”  Boosters rev us up and help us to take courage and do difficult things. Sometimes it’s the game-changer to a life breakthrough.

Today you have a choice to be a booster. To see the hesitation in someone you care about and to cheer them on with words of empowerment. It will make their day, and you will know you did the right thing. People will see you as the go-to person to help light their fire when they need a boost. Everyone wins!

Now think, who around you needs a boost?



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