by Paul Casey

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An Effective Way to Hold Yourself Accountable

Another way to better stay accountable to yourself for getting your priorities done daily/weekly is to write 7-10 questions to ask yourself daily–and then post it in a place that forces you to look at it, with a time designated to ask the questions.

Questions should revolve around your quarterly stretch goals: What are you not doing at optimum levels now that, if you focused on them daily/weekly, would vault you faster to those goals? The questions need to be specific enough as to not give yourself a pass for not hitting a definitive target that leads to progress.

Questions can revolve around:

Personal/wellness targets:

  • Have I exercised 20 minutes today?
  • Have I avoided all junk food today?
  • Did I get 7-8 hours of sleep last night?

Family targets:

  • Do I have our next date night/vacation scheduled and planned?
  • Did I leave work at work and give my family full focus?
  • Did I lead my peaceful children’s bedtime ritual?

Leadership targets:

  • Have I specifically affirmed at least 3 employees/colleagues today?
  • Did I walk into workspaces of my team to ask how I could help them?
  • Did I put the vision back in front of my team?

Personal growth targets:

  • Did I read professionally for at least 20 minutes?
  • Did I reach out to another leader to learn something from her/him?
  • Did I try something new this week?

Time management targets:

  • Did I accomplish my 3 top priorities today?
  • Did I avoid procrastination and stay on schedule/attack my priorities in the morning?
  • Did I plan for a successful tomorrow before leaving work/going to bed today?

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