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Do You Work Happy? Guest Blog by Greg Kettner

Working from home can be productive, fun and become boring, especially if you are an extrovert like me.  If there is one thing I’ve learned during COVID-19, it’s that I need people to function at my best.

Many companies now realize that workers can be productive and money can be saved by employees being able to work from home, but some are struggling with how to keep the fun of working as a team intact now that many of us are working virtually on video, email and our cell phones.

Here are several ways to put the fun back into your team, as we work from home today and into the future.

  1. Team Huddle – start your day on video where everyone checks in and gives a 30-second update on their day.  Have a timer so that long-winded Larry or chatty Karen doesn’t take all the time.  Share these three things:  a) One task you are going to complete today.  b) One task you need help with.  c) One business process with your team that needs improvement.  Keep it short, sweet and fun.  Finish with a word of the day, that everyone yells out on the count of three.
  2. Fitness Monday – set up a Zoom meeting for 15 minutes at 11:00 am where a different team member leads everyone in a stretching exercise for 15 minutes.  It doesn’t have to be professional, but it has to be fun.  It forces everyone to dance around, move their bodies and get blood flowing to their brains.
  3. Happy Hour – Play a game of trivia with your team once a week or once a month.  Whoever gets the most points gets a ½ day of vacation.  This will help your number of players.  Kahoots is a fun game to play on your phone, while you are on Zoom, connecting with your team, almost like you’re in person.
  4. Office Amateur Hour – Run your own America’s Got Talent show.  Take 6 weeks and have everyone showcase a talent, whether it is poetry, stand up comedy, playing a guitar, singing a song or cooking in their own kitchen.  Everyone gets a vote and then you have the finals, with cash prizes.
  5. Baby Photos – have all team members send in a baby photo and throughout the week, send out a daily email with the baby photo and have people guess who the photo is of.  This builds camaraderie and makes sure everyone is smiling and having fun at home.
  6. Scavenger Hunt – pick an item that would probably be in someone’s home, and have them send a photo in: the first person gets a prize or free lunch at some point.

Connecting online/video and emails even though it might seem silly to start with, will allow your team to build Championship Culture, even when they are not together.  People will form new bonds and working relationships will be better.

That will only make your people stronger, better and more committed to the cause.

Greg Kettner empowers and inspires audiences across North America to be the very best they can be.  His passionate stories will engage you, make you laugh and touch a tender part of your heart too. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he’s traveled the world, lived in three different continents and survived three major heart surgeries. Greg is also a world-class connector who’s spent time with hockey icon Wayne Gretzky, shared the stage with comedian Robin Williams and almost knocked over Queen Elizabeth II. After earning a Business Degree from Walla Walla University, he built a very successful 27-year sales career with over $12 million dollars in sales, before following his passion of becoming an international motivational speaker.  Greg has spoken to and entertained corporate clients such as Coca Cola, Ford, SAP, Trane, Fraser Health, SunLife Financial, and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.


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