by Paul Casey

Direction More Important Than Perfection

“Asked of Socrates: ‘How can I reach Mt. Olympus?’..Socrates replied, ‘Just make every step you take go in that direction.’  A noble sense of direction always opens the door for noble events and words along the way.” (When Men Think Private Thoughts)

When I’m coaching someone and they are telling me about one of their decisions, I like to ask them, “Does that action get you closer to your goal or further away from your goal?” Sometimes, just hearing one’s self answer that question is stark enough to either continue that course of action or stop the off-course behavior.

It’s also true for beating procrastination. Just take a baby-step TODAY in the direction of completing the project/task, and it’ll be easier to pick up the next time you have time available.

And it’s true if you are hoping/praying opportunities will open up for you. If you put yourself in settings where things can happen, most likely opportunities will present themselves, key people will emerge to help you along the way, and key learnings will occur. But you have to be in the path of the outcome you are hoping for.



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