by Paul Casey


decay_6Decay. Makes me think of tooth decay–you know, the icky pictures of the mouths of people who haven’t gone to the dentist in decades. Or urban decay, when parts of a city aren’t maintain and fall into disarray. And I think there’s some decay going on in the fruit drawer in my fridge.
Decay can happen in any area of our lives that doesn’t get nurturing attention. It can be financial, emotional, social, intellectual, physical.  Like atrophy, when muscles deteriorate when not used, that part of our lives begins to slowly erode or die.
Why talk about this? Because the consequences of decay are a whole lot worse than the discipline-pain of the upkeep. You will be digging out of a hole that will take twice as long or more than it took to get into that mess in the first place.
So, the big self-reflection question: As 2013 begins, what area are you ignoring that could turn into decay if it hasn’t already? And what personal growth plan will you set up to assure it doesn’t?!

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