by Paul Casey

Choose Your Guide

guideSo, my wife and I were hiking the other day on an easy trail, when we got to a fork in the trail: either we go up a steep climb (where there was a little evidence of foot traffic) or cross over the creek on rocks and see if the trail continues on the other side.

At the crossroads was a group of people coming over from the other side of the creek. There was a language barrier but they in effect said that there was no trail on that side, and pointed that the steep climb was most likely the way. But they returned instead of making that climb. We ambled up the hill and it got a bit precarious on rocks with unsure footing and no clearly-marked trail. Halfway up, we enjoyed the view, but decided this wasn’t the way. Returning to the crossroads (happy we didn’t get injured–just dirty), we cross the creek and pretty-easily found the trail that the others said had ended.

The lesson? Sometimes we ask the wrong people for advice when we are at the crossroads of decision regarding the path to take for a desired future. They either haven’t been down that path before or don’t have the perseverance to evaluate its merits through wise lenses. They point at a direction that is outside our values or what’s good for us, but don’t walk that journey with us. And, if taking their advice, we struggle–and it can even be dangerous!

Choose the right guides on your life path: coaches, mentors, counselors, elders, wise friends. Their advice might just be the ticket for pushing you in the right direction–on the trail that gets you to beauty and adventure and in-line with what you believe and where you want to end up.


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