by Paul Casey

Celebrate Good Times…C’mon!

celebrate[7]Life can get hum-drum. We go through routines and motions. We do our jobs, we drive our kids around, we crash at the end of the night. And do it again the next day. All that “normalcy” can crowd out recognizing the cool things going on around us.

What if we took any chance we could to party? What if we made ‘celebration’ a regular part of our rhythm of life? What if we were constantly on the prowl to find someone doing something well and capitalizing on with a dance of joy?

If you are a leader (meaning, you have a follower), it’s one of your essential jobs to recognize those you are leading: kids, direct reports, teammates, volunteers. Catch them doing a good deed, and bring it to the attention of the group. Give kudos liberally in emails, and CC everyone! Hand-write notes of thank-you, and leave positive voice mails on phones for them to hear later–and bask in. Take your team to lunch for a project completed. And bring out the balloons!

What I’m trying to persuade you to do is rise above the minutia of life to draw attention to all the positives that those you love and work with are doing. It’ll make their day. It’ll raise the group/family’s morale. It’ll make YOUR day!  Let me know who you recognized and how you did it…..


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