by Paul Casey

Broaden Yourself

surrealistic picture of an apple reflecting in the mirrorI chuckle when I see commercials for The Most Interesting Man in the World. He is fencing, skydiving, on a safari, attractive women on his arm. Even though it’s just a commercial, what makes him so interesting? Not the alcohol he’s drinking and advertising!

I think that people are attracted to (want to hang around) a person who is well-rounded. We all want to be near the life-of-the-party. It’s intriguing to not be able to expect the next topic of conversation or hear the next adventurous story from the friend you haven’t seen in a while. You get drawn in and are fully engaged. But you cannot expect this result to happen to you if you stay in personal ruts.  The same-old, same-old doesn’t breathe new life into your typical life.

Broaden yourself through:

  • Reading widely about all sorts of topics to be able to speak about: blogs, books, magazines, podcasts, newspapers, movies
  • Trying new experiences: foods/beverages, positive habits, stores, restaurants, skills, hobbies, games
  • Traveling to places you haven’t been yet, to have an adventure: sight-seeing, exploring, making a memory.

And if all else fails, drive a new route home today!


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